Monday, September 15, 2014

UPSTAND (Short Poem)

Through thick or thin,
I don’t want to be ruin.
Friendship we had,
I’ll better be glad.
We see each other flaws,
And break our jaws.
Years has passed by in our life,
Don’t ever use that knife.
Something that we decide ourselves,
Don’t hide in the caves.
Leave the past behind,
I’m your friend at hand.
What hurts you,
Shall be blessed thou.
Let’s face the sunshine,
And let it shine.
I’ll be here no matter what,
Don’t be such a brat.
I love you my dearest friend,
Until the end.


OVERBOARD (Short Poem)

Morning gives energy I can feel,
Feeling the touch of your skin makes me feel like an eel.
A kiss on the cheek,
Before I go to work with my dress so sleek.
Waving goodbye,
Dreaming of staying with you can be seen in my eye.
Leaving you is hard,
I don’t need another word.
I come to work,
Feeling like a jerk.
I am busy as it seems,
But I’m just thinking of having you in my arms.
Lunch time came and that would be great,
If I will be sitting next to you watching you eat.
Time passes by,
Without noticing like I’m hitting rugby.
It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon,
I just can’t wait to be home soon.
Planning of things to do,
While you are wearing a tuxedo.
Late calls and task,
Why taking the risk?
Living in a shadow world,
Working with people so cold.
Got to grab my bag,
And don’t be so drag.
People smiling while waving good bye,
I think I should have my hair dye.
Forty minutes of travelling back to home,
I don’t feel it is awesome.
Thinking of a hug from you,
It makes me Blue Bayou.
As I open the door,
Your face is what I’m looking for.
Leave my bag behind,
It’s the home I find.
Having you in front of me,
Looks like in a show of mime.
No words to explain,
It just eases the pain.
I love you dearly,
Until eternally.


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